Breaking Wave-

Various sizes starting at 15 x 10 40

( Limited Edition of 450 )

Breaking Wave-<b> <p>Various sizes starting at 15 x 10 40</b><p> ( Limited Edition of 450 )


I am very pleased with this oil painting of a breaking wave, which I gave to my eldest son for his 30th birthday. Pembrokeshire has fantastic surfing beaches of which Freshwater west is probably the best. It is a very popular area for walking holidays as well as surfing and is, I think, the best coastal walking area of Wales. It is part of the National Park and is also popular with birders. This seascape painting presented a challenge in capturing the light in the wave. I am very pleased with the finished work, as was my son.

As a landscape artist, I am always on the look out for paths leading ones eye into the painting and this scene was just right.

There are 450 prints in this limited edition. All prints are named, signed and numbered by the artist.

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