Dinas Head, Fishguard -

15 x 10 45

( Limited Edition of 450 )

Dinas Head, Fishguard -<b> <p> 15 x 10  45</b></b><p> ( Limited Edition of 450 )


This pastel landscape painting of Dinas Head near Fishfguard in Wales was done as a commission. I sing in the Dyfed Choir and one of the bases, Gwynne, was celebrating his wedding anniversry with his wife, Berry. This area was special to them because they went there when they were courting many years ago. It was a difficult painting because of the composition and also being a coastal area, is affected by the tide. I had to find the right weather conditions and tidal conditions which is a constant problem when working on coastal scenes and seascapes. However, the painting was finished and now hangs over their fireplace to remind them of happy days in Fishguard.

There are 450 prints in this limited edition. All prints are named, signed and numbered by the artist.

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