Seagull Sands -

Various sizes starting at 15 x 10 40

( Limited Edition of 125 )

Seagull Sands -<b><p>Various sizes starting at 15 x 10 40</b><p> ( Limited Edition of 125 )


I love this view of Freashwater West. Rather than being a straight forward seascape, it has the added attraction of the path leading towards the beach. As with many of my coastal scenes, the light is all important and here you can see it lighting the sea in the distance, drawing your eye through the dunes to the sea beyond. Again, this beach scene depicts Freshwaterwest, a famous coastal area of Wales and indeed all over the World, for the fantastic surfing. My eldest son is a keen surfer and spends as much time on this beach as possible.

Pembrokshire has many wonderful beaches which provide so much scope for beach scenes, coastal scenes and sand dune paintings.

There are 125 prints in this limited edition. All prints are named, signed and numbered by the artist.

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