Landscape Artist - Annabel Greenhalgh

Annabel Greenhalgh the landscape artist painting at home

Annabel Greenhalgh was born on the Wirral in 1955 and now enjoys the rural isolation of the cottage she shares with her partner in Pembrokeshire. Here, she is surrounded by beautiful countryside within easy reach of the sea and wonderfully wild Preseli Hills. In Pembrokeshire, being surrounded by beautiful beaches and countryside, it is easy to see where her inspiration comes from.

In south Pembrokeshire, there are the well known beaches of Tenby, Saundersfoot and Freshwater West; on the West Coast, there are the beautiful coves of little Haven and Druidston Haven as well as the larger sandy expanses of Broad Haven and Newgale which has incredible waves and is visited by surfers from all over the World for the surfing competitions.

Then in the North of the county, there is the beautiful city of St. Davids, which is infact the smallest city in Europe and visited by many people who walk the famous Pembrokeshire Coast Path to see the marvellous flowers for which Pembrokeshire is famous. Annabel Greenhalgh has painted many coastal path scenes as they are a gift for landscape artists lending themselves so well in colour and composition. The scene called 'Coastal Path' is a good example of this. Although many of Annabel Greenhalgh's landscape paintings are of Pembrokeshire, many other areas of Wales are also depicted, from the Brecon Beacons in Powys to the beautiful river Usk in Gwent. Scenes of Dartmoor in England and Glen Coe in Scotland may also be found as well as many other areas in Britain. Perhaps best known for her Welsh and Scottish landscapes she has also travelled widely to be inspired by the mountains of Northern Greece, the wonderful Venetian sunsets, the colours of Provence and the Dolomites at dawn.

'I hope to convey, through my landscapes, the thrill and foreboding of an impending storm, the beach in solitary stillness, the memories of bluebell paths, the sheer joy and wealth of fulfilment to be found in the world around us.'

The medium of pastel was first discovered in the fifteenth century and has excited artists over the years with its ability to portray light and to stand the test of time in the vibrant intensity of its pigments. As well as using the better commercially made pastels, Annabel delights in making her own pastels from pure pigments bought on her travels.

'Sometimes, it is just not possible to buy pastels of the particular consistency I need for my work and by making them myself I can be sure of achieving the qualities I need. It is also a huge thrill to paint a scene of a particular area and to be able to use the pigment from the earth of that very place.'

Annabel has put the many prints available into categories so that you can find specific areas and moods or view the whole collection on a slide show if you wish. Some of the areas overlap.

Annabel's work is accessible, requiring little interpretation, just the will to be moved.