Landscape Artists G - L One

Pol Ledent is a talented artist from Ardennes, Belgium. His colourful works have a strong style and romantic feel.
Barbara Krans Jenkins is a broadly published American artist. Barbara creates intricate botanical studies and forest floor microcosms from her nearby Ohio Cuyahoga Valley National Park woodland flora and fauna to far beyond, from the Atlantic to the Pacific ocean capturing the ecological balance of all she portrays along the way. Some say as she applies the colour, often over fine ink contour line, her work seems to spring to life off the surface of the paper.
Kim Gowney A Pembrokeshire based artist and photographer. The site features original watercolour paintings and photographs of Pembrokeshires spectacularly varied scene.ry
Steven Lynch an artist painting various subjects in a variety of styles between realism and impressionism. June Harwood's landscapes retain aspects of Hard-Edge painting for which she was known in the early part of her career. The flat colour, clearly part of Hard-Edge painting, has been replaced by textural surfaces, while the most recent work has restated the previously simplified composition.
Realism and Figurative art by Marcus Gorenstein - Masterly paintings, drawings, sculpture and architectural stained glass of landscapes, cityscapes, women, nudes, figures and portraits.
Ed Grimaldi - Impressionist landscape paintings offering a unique expression of nature.
Mohamed Ghazala - Wide variety of landscapes in many different styles.
Ron Gang - The light, color and spirit of Israel's Negev Desert. Oil paintings.
Jenny Keal - Jenny Keal paints mainly in Pastel and her main interest is in vernacular architecture but she also draws her inspiration from the rich history of the landscape and the atmospheric effects of the weather.