Landscape Artists A-F One

John Cogan is a nationally recognised landscape painter, painting the Grand Canyon and other National Park vistas. The site includes a short bio and an extensive gallery of his current and past works. Giclee and egrave prints are also available.
Michael Cook original landscape paintings in a stylistic range from contemporary realism, to surrealism and lyrical abstraction - all with a poetic sensibility - in oil, acrylic, watercolor, and pastel.
Leon Engelen Oil Paintings - Visit the art of Leon Engelen: photographically detailed landscape and animal oil paintings, using classical techniques. The site offers a valuable painting course, as well as an extensive virtual gallery.
Nikki Basch Davis works outside in the Plein Air style and depicts fresh colourful landscapes.
Lynden Cowan - Portraits of the Canadian wilderness.
Badger's Heritage - Over 1400 views of Southern England by Robert and Sally Brock.
Douglas Carpenter - Landscape artist painter in watercolour and oil painting. Artist Douglas Carpenter, painter in oil painting and watercolor, features on Impressionist art, Romantic artist and silhouette history
Art an Artist - Paintings of famous Impressionist art: Monet, Renoir, Van Gogh. Romantic artist Turner and silhouette history. Douglas and Brenda Carpenter pictures
David Bellamy - David Bellamy specialises in painting mountain and wild coastal scenes, and is particularly fascinated by the moods of nature in the wild places.